VA Lt. Gov. candidate on “Satanic rock music”

Remember when this scared people? Photo by Flickr user scarlatti2004.

It’s hard to say whether anyone takes E.W. Jackson, a GOP candidate to become the state’s next Lieutenant Governor, seriously. I mean, he’s the one who said yoga is a “gateway to Satan” and more seriously derogatory things about gay rights. Now apparently he’s also railing against the evils of rock and roll music, either unaware that it’s already been done to death or perhaps trying to give that old dead horse one more beating.

Actually, the material was unearthed by Mother Jones from Jackson’s 2008 book, Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life, in which he says:

This is why we need not waste time arguing with the media about whether a steady diet of gangster rap, satanic rock music, profane, violent and pornographic films have an impact on people’s behavior. This is not a statistical question; it is a spiritual one. There may never be a satisfactory statistical answer because the period of incubation before manifestation makes it difficult to establish the causal connection with scientific certainty. It is not that some teen will listen to violent rap music tonight and go out to commit mass murder tomorrow. Nonetheless, if that youngster continues to “meditate” those violent, hate filled images and ideas, he or she will manifest those ideas into their lives in one way or another.

In the same book, he also disses witchcraft, Buddhism, and, er, Whitney Houston.

Unsurprisingly, he’s a religious leader and founder of the “Exodus Faith Ministries, a nondenominational Christian church in Chesapeake, Virginia,” according to his campaign website. (I’m not saying that all religious leaders have backwards ideas about modern music, just saying that someone who feels that way is more likely than not to be deeply religious.) He’s also a veteran, and was a lawyer and law professor.

Alas, the site doesn’t say what kind of music he does like. It will be interesting to see how seriously he’s taken in the months leading up to the election.


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