Did Diablo III kill marathon gamer?

Recently, there was a media uproar after a Taiwanese teen died while playing video games — Diablo III, to be precise.

Apparently, the 18-year-old booked a private game room at the Tainan cafe the afternoon of July 13. He played for 40 hours straight without stopping to eat. (No word on whether he stopped to drink anything, or to use the bathroom.) Two days later, an attendant went in to check on the boy, who was resting on the table. He woke up, stood, took a few steps, and collapsed.

Some have speculated that he died of a blood clot that formed because he was sitting still for so many hours. Just like you should get up and walk around while you’re traveling by plane, the same is true on the ground.

I’m surprised more people haven’t come out claiming that video games, or video game addiction, killed this Taiwanese teen. After all, there aren’t any other activities so engrossing that people are willing to sit for many hours, right?

Video-game cafes are still a huge segment of the video-game market, particularly in Asia. I don’t know nearly enough about how they are regulated. But these kinds of deaths do happen from time to time; in February, another gamer had a heart attack after playing more than 20 hours straight. Would he have had the heart attack anyway? Tough to say. But perhaps it’s time for better regulation of these cafes — at the least, so attendants are checking on players every few hours, rather than every few days.


One response to “Did Diablo III kill marathon gamer?

  1. Sadly, too many have become zombies to entertainment, be it games, movies, etc… I pray for this man’ family and friends.

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