How fundamentalists control the story

Dawn Jewell’s horse, Erik, was slaughtered in Cornwall last weekend. Probably not by Satanists.

Satanic fervor has overtaken both British newspapers and Internet forums following the death of a 2-year-old stallion last weekend. Details of the death have been scarce, stoking public imagination. Because he died either late Sunday night, Jan. 8, or early Jan. 9, on the full moon (Jan. 9) and close to the supposed Satanic holiday of “St Winebald Day” (Jan. 7), speculators believe the horse’s death must somehow be related to Satanists or the occult.

BBC’s first article played up the “St Winebald” idea. Other, more predictable British papers, took it even further. “Eric the horse mutilated on ‘Satan sacrifice day’,” screeched the Sun, which also shared a few gruesome details. Their piece also contains this potentially libelous gem:

Rumours are rife among locals that the butchery in Stithians, near Falmouth, Cornwall, was part of an evil occult ceremony.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, has attempted to connect Erik’s fate to a second horse’s death nearly 300 miles away, in Wales.

However, in a followup story, the BBC has toned down the Satanism:

Some internet forums have contained speculation that the most recent killing coincided with St Winebald Day on 7 January, which is said to have been included on Satanic calendars as a date for blood rituals.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police said: “We’re keeping an open mind with many lines of inquiry as to what happened. There is nothing specific to suggest that this is the case, there are no facts, it’s speculation.

“It was a savage attack on or near a date, but there is nothing to suggest that it is things like a Satanic worship attack.”

Worrisomely, if you look up “St. Winebald’s Day” on Google, the first link you come to is one from The Forbidden Knowledge, which presents a “Satanic” calendar without sources or explanation. Click through to the front page of this site and you’ll see an above-the-fold warning that, “Your government is poised to inject you with a tracking chip manufactured by Applied Digital Solutions called, ‘Veri Chip.’ Don’t believe me? Click below, I’ll prove it to you.” Reporters who visit this site should be backing away, as quickly as they can, from any information it contains.

However, the second link with information about this “holiday” is a piece by pagan leader and former cop Kerr Cuhulain debunking the aforementioned calendar. He believes the source is the Calvary Chapel, a fundamentalist Christian organization, based in West Covina, California. In other words, not exactly experts on occult and Satanism — in fact, they have a vested interest in making such faiths look bad.

Cuhulain explains:

This calendar claims that Satanic groups perform between 4 and 8 human sacrifices (“blood” or “Da Muer” rituals) per year. It also claims that every year these groups must engage in 10 sexual orgies with males and females between the ages of 1 and 25 as well as with animals. Let’s look at this awful calendar in detail:

“DATE: Jan. 7, CELEBRATION: St. Winebald Day, TYPE: Blood, USAGE: Animal or Human Sacrifice, AGE: 15-33.”(5)

NOTE: January 7 is Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian New Year’s Day. It is not a Satanic holiday. Winebald was the brother of Saint Walburga, also known as Walpurgis.

Reporters, or even Internet speculators, don’t seem to have gotten as far as link #2. Or even questioning link #1.

Regular readers of this blog already know that Most Satanists do not practice animal sacrifice. That’s not to say that people playing at “devil worship” won’t hurt animals. It just means it likely has nothing to do with established faiths or the people who follow them.

In short, a calendar cooked up by evangelicals is being used by some police, locals, and even British newspapers to explain a horse’s death — one even going so far as to finger a butcher shop and accuse workers both of horse slaughter and occult activity. Meanwhile, Satanists and occultists who actually follow their faith and their laws are quietly implicated.

Next, people will be believing that the government wants to put a chip in their brain.


7 responses to “How fundamentalists control the story

  1. I have been a pleasure horse owner and I am a Brit. For the record we tend to get spates of horse killings, usually with mutilations. I have yet to see someone caught and prosecuted and also I have yet to see any explanation to them. Spates tend to be upto about 8 horses over the whole country and about 10 years apart. Everytime the satan card gets played by the tabloids, mainly down to the inexplicable nature of these attacks.

    My personal theory is that the first one will be down to a personal nature between the attacker and the owner and rest copy cat. Horses in this country are a loaded subject due to the class system. The general populace have a tendency to secretly think that the horse owner got what they deserved as you have to be “posh” to be party to the “horsey set”. This is completely untrue with many horse owners doing it on a shoe string and sadly it is these horses which get targeted by which ever sicko thinks it is ok to mutilate and kill what is a family pet. For people like myself these attacks are both frightening and upsetting. I am also sure the tourist board for Stithians is probably really angry with the Sun paper about now.

    Please note that the Sun is a tabloid and therefore a decent level journalism cannot be expected to happen.

  2. Christian and proud

    Why are satanists called satanists? they follow satan obviously – that at any level cannot be good as satan is evil and he is going to be thrown into an actual lake of fire along with all his followers.
    Stop being naive satanists. I come from South Africa and satanism is rife and not the tree hugging kind you try to pretend you are part of – satanism is extremely evil and they DO sacrifice animals on all their “special” days. Satan is a copycat and he does require sacrifices. A lamb was used in biblical days and it was sacrificed to God. So you think you have this peaceful religion? You actually are following a fake!! Satan cannot offer you anything but a desperately frightening eternity. It states clearly in the bible that the people that end up in hell (thats right, Satans future home) will be weeping and there will be a gnashing of teeth. Not a pretty picture. Come out of the lies and choose the truth – Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

    • and what if the bible say so, go get educated the bible is as fictional as any other story, in truth Satanism has proved to be way more civil than any other religion, not that Laveytan Satanism is atheistic and forbid harming animals for no reason. there is no one who worship the Judeo-christian satan, and if someone mentally sick wanted to do that doesn’t mean it exist.
      It is time to learn the truth, do your research and see that Christianity like all other religions is a mythology taken from ancient religions, check how many virgin mothers in greek religions gave birth to a saviour, read history stop believing in nonsense.

    • Did you read the article, because your evangelical fervor makes absolutely no commentary on the subject and content of the post itself.

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