Bloody bath lands Lady Gaga in hot water

Lady Gaga has been known to frolic in blood. Does that make her a Satanist? A London hotel housekeeper seems to think so.

A housekeeper at a London hotel is reporting that Lady Gaga recently bathed in a tub full of blood in the hotel — and then didn’t clean up afterward. According to several reports, the housekeeping staff — who, of course, are widely accepted experts on such things — claim it was part of a “Satanic ritual.”

Oh boy.

Let’s revisit history, shall we? The most famous woman alleged to have bathed in blood was Elizabeth Báthory, whose life (like Gaga’s) is so surrounded by myth and hyperbole, it’s hard to know fact from fiction. However, allegedly, Báthory figured out that bathing in the blood of virgins helped her look younger. Is there any evidence that the occult was involved? No.

Bathing in blood is also a pop-culture trope, seen in such films as (pictures not safe for work) Hostel II and (of course) Bathory. Eminem posed in a bathtub full of blood. Did anyone call him a Satanist? Well, okay, yes, but not specifically for his bathing habits.

While it’s true that blood magic is practiced in some pagan faiths, it’s not any more common among Satanists than other groups — and there are no known “Satanic rituals” that involve bathing in blood. Moreover, there’s no sign that this was real blood, or that Lady Gaga is a practicing Satanist.

It seems much more likely that the housekeeper in question, understandably horrified at the scene and justifiably angry at having to clean up, jumped to conclusions based on pop-culture references and her imagination took over.

Let’s keep this in mind the next time we see someone we think might be involved with paganism, the occult, or even Satanism. Those who do practice blood magic probably don’t look like you imagine they would.


4 responses to “Bloody bath lands Lady Gaga in hot water

  1. As far as I can tell, we don’t actually even know she DID bathe in blood. Could be totally made up by the housekeeper, or could be that she was using a bath product that left red residue or (and this has happened to me), was washing out some unfortunate red hair dye which left her tub looking like the set of Psycho. So a) we have no idea what really happened and b) we have no idea what it actually means even if it DID happen.

  2. As a former housekeeper unless this person was fairly new, which by the reaction I think is possibly, you get used to what blood looks like. Mostly due to bloody noises and menstration but still you know the look and well trust me hair products just smell different and that’s usually unavoidable. That being said the lorrid reaction was completely uncalled for. While this should have been reported to her supervisor for santitation and well that much blood should be investigated for obvious reasons. Going to the press with ooh Santanism strikes me as immature and I hope she or he got severely repremended for it.

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