Investigative reporters uncover sex-crazed werewolf roommates in Milwaukee … or not

Milwaukee roommates Rebecca Chandler (left) and Raven “Scarlett” Larrabee were recently arrested for allegedly assaulting an Arizona man who had a threesome with them.

There’s nothing that turns reporters on more than a story of a sexy threesome gone wrong — especially when it involves young women, right? Now that Amanda Knox has been exonerated (and her prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, is now being prosecuted for abuse of office in a separate case), the media must turn its attention elsewhere to get its fix.

Enter two young Milwaukee women, Rebecca Chandler and Raven “Scarlett” Larrabee. Allegedly, the ladies invited an Arizona man to their apartment. After trekking across the country (by bus!) on the promise of some booty, the gentleman found himself reportedly tied up by Chandler and Larrabee, who then stabbed or cut him more than 300 times. He didn’t die, but instead managed to call the police.

Not exciting enough? Reporters caught wind of the fact that the following books had been found in the ladies’ apartment:

* The Werewolf’s Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers (which, if you can’t tell from the title, is tongue-in-cheek);

* “A necromantic ritual book,” title and author not supplied;

* “A black folder called ‘Intro to Sigilborne Spirits.'”

Faced with this latter unknown volume, one reporter diligently went online to connect her own dots, speculating, “According to various websites, Sigilborne spirits include female werewolf spirits who engage in sexual acts.”

Really? Really?

My guess is that this reporter knows about as much about werewolf mythology and “sigilborne spirits” as she does about brain cancer. However, if she were writing about someone with brain cancer, she’d talk to a brain surgeon or oncologist, right? But when it comes to information about the occult — a complicated and varied subject poorly understood by the public — the Internet can provide you with all the information you need.

As a blogger at Gawker astutely pointed out, these books sound like something Chandler and Larrabee picked up at Hot Topic. They don’t sound like the impetus for a long-range sexual lure or stabbing.

Let’s get back to the story at hand:

[Chandler told police] she’d been having sex with the man and that the cutting was consensual but quickly got out of hand.

After she was arrested, Chandler told police her roommate, whom she called Scarlett, had done the majority of the cutting. She said Scarlett is “possibly involved in Satanic or occult activities.” She claimed she didn’t know Scarlett’s full name, but that her DNA could be found on a hair brush.

Weird, right? She doesn’t even know her roommate’s real name, but they planned this elaborate sexual event? On top of that, Chandler speculates that Larrabee might be involved in the occult. If she is, so what? That isn’t against the law. What is against the law is physically harming someone against their will — and whether the occult was involved (and there’s no evidence to suggest it was) is irrelevant to the legalities of the incident. All this speculation does is make it seem sexier, more alluring, more fun to talk about —

— unless you’re a law-abiding practicing occultist, and now you’re even more unwilling to be open about your faiths and practices because, on top of everything else, now people will think you’re a sex-crazed person who will cut them if they’re reckless enough to go to bed with you.


8 responses to “Investigative reporters uncover sex-crazed werewolf roommates in Milwaukee … or not

  1. Look, her name is Lisa (we called her Lupe) Larrabee and she is from Denver. She is an abused kid that recently stabbed her father when he got on a drunken rampage,which I watched from my balcony, He attacked her and she stabbed him under the arm and out through the stomach with a Katana. I happen to KNOW she is not involved in Satanism. I know she thinks herself a wolf spirit and does read books that are occult based but nothing like they are speculating. This kiddo is so damaged that she wears her hair to cover her entire face and when you talk to her she usually turns her back. I am not going into too many more specifics but she and my daughter were friends when Lupe had no one else. I tried to get help for Lupe through the Native American council and social services–all failed! I KNOW why she tried to be a bad ass. I saw this coming a million miles away. It is so fucking sad!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad you recognized she was in real trouble and tried to help her — that’s exactly what needs to happen. And I’m so sorry it failed. As I often say on this blog, the posturing about occultism/Satanism that happens in the media usually masks real, treatable problems — things that could have been prevented with the right resources.

  2. I simply adored this grisly entry!

    BTW, time for a commercial break: Thank you for inviting to your blog and allowing me to connect via Facebook. This is my first article of yours that I have read, and already, I am enraptured by the style, wit, and thought—honest to Gawwddd thought!

    I shall not gush furhter, but I will tell you my favorite comment from the article, a comment that made me clap–

    “Chandler speculates that Larrabee might be involved in the occult. If she is, so what? That isn’t against the law.”

    Exactly!!! Boom!!

    So many people stop at that cultural stop sign, shrug their shoulders, turn the wheel, and head the other way. But you didn’t. Boom! Right there! That comment proves (as if your entire article failed to…LOL) there’s a real person behind the “pen”! A thinker-writer…that’s what I’m talk’en bout ya’ll.

    Sorry, sometimes I’m possessed by Jon Stewart.

    Biting at the bit to read more!
    Yours in Social Networking—Asmodai

    The blog I’m rolling with here is a shared entity. There’s moi, and then there’s Lizbot 3k the poet. Just in case you wonder.

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  4. The two were Mizarialites, and were carrying out Mizar’s wishes.

  5. Mayor McPoopsiedoodle

    Um.. anybody else think the one on the left is kinda hot? She’s got this, “i’m a psychopath” kind-of look to her.

    I think I’d let her cut me up too.

  6. It seems the truth of the incident is not being posted, BOTTOM LINE PEOPLE NOTHING SATANIC HAPPENED, NOTHING SEXUAL HAPPENED, POLICE FALSELY QUOTED CHANDLER, WISN for the sake of accuracy if you have any virtue in upholding truth let this be heard. Straight from my mouth, it is I Raven and I bring the truth of the incident on my facebook page.

  7. The truth is not being spoken. raven saved my life. for that i love her with all my heart. i will give her the life she has always needed. people spread rumors and lies. how pathetic people can be. i love her with my life.

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