“Satanic” singer booted from Polish reality TV show

Adam Darski, who performs as Nergal with the Polish metal band Behemoth, tears pages from a Bible. Photo by Flickr user mithrandir3.

Last month, I championed Polish metal singer Nergal, AKA Adam Darski, for appearing on a popular reality television show despite pressure from Polish Catholics that he be removed. Unfortunately, TVP, the broadcaster which airs Polish television show The Voice of Poland, yanked Darski from the program last week.

Recently, Darski was exonerated of “offending religious feeling” — a charge stemming from a performance in which he tore up a Bible on stage. A Polish judge said the act was a protected form of expression, and that Darski had not broken any laws. He recently earned more scorn for an onstage performance in which he dressed as a priest and “healed” several musicians from another band, all of whom were sitting in wheelchairs.

Following the Oct. 1 “healing,” TVP Chairman Juliusz Braun described the incident as “provocative behaviour, showing a lack of respect not only for religious beliefs, but also for illnesses and the disabled.”

Braun did not wait for another court challenge. Last week his station announced, “Adam Darski, aka Nergal, will not be given his own programme on TVP, nor will he be a juror in a second series of Voice of Poland, even if the network decides to commission one [a second series],” said spokesperson for TVP, Joanna Stempien-Rogalinska. Darski will appear in already-taped episodes, which will continue into December.

Poland has a longstanding tradition of freedom of religion — and is brand-new to freedom of speech — so it’s a shame that Darski’s theatrics would cost him a job. Even though he legally has the right to criticize religious institutions in this way (which has already been proven in court), apparently different rules apply when you’re a television star. What a message to send to Poland’s minority religions, and to the people who practice them in good faith.

Did Darski go too far with his staged “healing?” Should he — or other Thelemites and Satanists — be forbidden from appearing on television?


8 responses to ““Satanic” singer booted from Polish reality TV show

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  2. why does he have to attack christianity please the signs are obvious this guy is a devil worshipper. why does no one bother attack other religions other than christianity. This is so because Jesus overcome the devil a long time ago and these is just a mockery, but God is not a fool, He is not mocked. The devil and his demons mislead a lot of mankind and use them only to disown them in hell. This whole world leith in darkness and only the Light of Jesus can save those who receive the light.

    • Tashinga, many people find fault with Christianity (for some understanding of this, a great book to read is “UnChristian” by Kinnaman and Lyons) and it’s their right to talk about it. However, you say “why does no one bother attack other religions than Christianity” — I think you’d be hard pressed to prove that point. Judaism and Islam have both suffered horrendous attacks on their faith, and Adam Darski (the subject of this post) is having his own faith attacked by not being able to express himself freely.

  3. Nergal is perfectly within his rights to express whatever feelings he has about organised religion or Christianity. It never ceases to amaze me how high and mighty Christians can be when their beliefs are criticised, but yet are more than happy to call people who believe something else ‘sinners’ and terrible people. Adam Darski brings pleasure to millions of people, myself included, with his music and his presence. Whether he believes what you believe is irrelevant, he inspires young people all across the world to pick up an instrument and make something of themselves, to believe in their inner strengths. Surely in this way, he’s a very positive role model?

  4. He has the right to his expression. What makes me sick is that if he had do this to a minority faith, there wouldn’t be this “mass hysteria”

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