Welcome, SheWriters, to Backward Messages

Forgive me for straying a little off theme, but I’m participating in a She Writes blog hop this weekend and would like to welcome my fellow She Writers to my corner of WordPress. Have a look around, make yourself comfortable, and jump into the conversation. More opinions are always welcome!


9 responses to “Welcome, SheWriters, to Backward Messages

  1. Yay Beth! I’m so excited about your work and this book! Good to see you!

  2. Hi, Beth! I’m stopping by thanks to SheWrites and am so happy to read your intro statement telling your followers that you’re diverging a bit from your norm and why; I’ve been hesitant to join a lot of tours and hops because I didn’t want to meander too far from my blog premise, so thank you for showing me that I can just make a short opening statement and then post whatever I want because it’s my blog after all, right?
    I also checked out your post on the sickos who torture animals and am wondering once again, “What it is about Florida that attracts the crazies? I know NY and LA have plenty (as does every square mile on this planet, to be fair), but the bad news coming from Florida always seems disproportionate to me!

    • Hi Shelley! I’ve always tagged my posts with the names of places where these incidents occur and Florida does seem to come up often (Ohio, too, for some reason). I wonder if it’s as another commenter said, that there are significant Santeria and Palo Mayombe communities there, and they are among the few groups that do practice animal sacrifice.

  3. Hi Beth, I’m stopping by as part of the Blogger Ball! I am so glad to find this blog, what an important topic. Thanks!

  4. Hey Beth

    Nice writing. The little things in life are so important to notice. I live in Seattle area, and just saw a few weeks ago, a mom Duck and 5 Duckling following her on one of our major freeways. Police stopped all cars just to get them out of there…

    Best, Revital

  5. Hi, I’m stopping by for the She Write blog hop. It’s nice to meet you. You have a great blog.

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