Untangling pedophilia from occultism, again

William Lambert was found guilty of sexual assault on four girls between 11 and 14 years old in Cheam, England. He allegedly lured them with occult tales.

Another pedophile has been charged with sexual assault in England. And, once again, the British press is playing up whatever occult angle they can find, throwing around words like “warlock” and “Golden Dawn.”

William Lambert, a gravedigger at St. Dunstan Church in Cheam, southwest of London, was found guilty in a British court of one count of rape, two counts of indecent assault and two counts of procuring girls to have sexual intercourse by false pretenses and representations. According to a report from the Metropolitan Police,

Lambert used the outhouse, known as ‘The Shed’ as an unofficial drop-in centre / youth club. He in effect brainwashed his victims who were vulnerable and impressionable into believing he possessed special occult powers that could be transferred to them by having sex with him and that these powers would make their lives better.

In other words, he not only took advantage of these girls sexually, but he also took advantage of their emotional and psychological vulnerabilities at a crucial time in their adolescence. Let me be clear: this has everything to do with Lambert being a disturbed man, and nothing to do with the occult.

And yet, both the police and the press are including those claims. Why? Sure, it’s part of the narrative. But the terminology in some cases comes dangerously close to suggesting that Lambert was somehow involved with the Golden Dawn. Instead, Lambert’s claims were no more than bait. He could have told these girls he could get them into a Justin Bieber concert, or that he would give them an unlimited supply of ice cream, or anything else that would lure them. For whatever reason, these claims of “special powers” were what worked on these girls.

However, the association between the occult and pedophilia — treated as it so often is in the press — makes people who don’t know enough about the Golden Dawn or the occult or “warlocks” recoil when they meet an every-day person who associates with one of these spiritual paths. The incidence of pedophilia among alternative spiritualities is likely about the same as it is among Christians, Jews, and Muslims, which is to say, a small but nonzero incidence. However, because the general public knows a lot less about occultists and the Golden Dawn, it becomes easier to accept the suggestion that pedophiles lurk among their ranks.

Why more occultists do not protest these associations is something I don’t really understand. Certainly there is reason to believe that anti-occult sentiment is on the rise. This is dangerous for everyday, law-abiding occultists, Thelemites, Satanists, and so on.

What comes to mind when you think of someone who is involved with the occult, Thelema, Satanism, Wicca or other pagan path? What is your impression of them? How has that opinion been shaped by news reports or other media representations?


One response to “Untangling pedophilia from occultism, again

  1. The division of the world is not about whites vs. blacks. It’s about pedophiles vs. non pedophiles. The pedophile urges are so extremely strong that it motivated those afflicted to create secret circles in which they can be themselves.

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