Me in Mother Jones on the media’s double-standard

Monday, I looked at the lone-wolf reporters at the Washington Post who explored the possibility that Drowning Pool’s song “Bodies” had anything to do with the shootings in Tucson.

Today, you can read a new column from me at Mother Jones examining the media’s double-standard when reporting on mass shootings. Why are teen shootings so often blamed on music and video games, when adult shootings are linked to mental-health issues? Have a look.

In addition, the piece was quoted by Ann Powers in her LA Times coverage of the shootings.


One response to “Me in Mother Jones on the media’s double-standard

  1. I’d like to know why people call a school shooting an “adult crime” and say kids have to do “adult time” when in reality, what is so “adult” about murder?

    Honestly, it’s just convenient to talk about things we don’t understand in ways that help us make sense of them. So when it’s a teenager blowing up his school it makes more sense for us to blame the culture… while an adult is easier to blame a mental illness…

    None of it is real – they’re just constructs we’re applying like labels to make sense out of something seemingly not sensible…

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